documentary & editorial photographer

Camp Cosio

All photos by Martin San Diego
Words by Betina Libre

“Kuya, di ako masyadong marunong lumangoy ah.” (Older brother, I’m not a good swimmer okay?) I gave a fair warning as I held the surf board as we were walking towards the water.

“Walang problema! Kaya yan.”
(No problem, we got this)

My surf instructor replied reassuringly with a smile. As we walked towards the waves, the sun decided to show up after a slow, overcast afternoon in La Union. So we surfed and I got lost in the middle of the waves taking everything in. There’s a reason why people flock to La Union and it’s to experience the beauty of it. The simplicity of it all – the environment is light, the pace of life is up to you, energy flowing.

After an hour of surfing, having no good shots for the day so far, I took my chances with the chest-deep water and the last half an hour of sunlight. There were kids who had the sun in their eyes and I came up to them and asked permission to take their photos. They happily agreed and I met the rest of family. I crashed in bed that night happily, going through the loveliest set of images.

It was only at dinner when I was told that they were the family who runs El Union Coffee—the Cosios. They do this ‘sunset ritual’ every day. It added more color and character to what initially were just eye-candy sunset photos of Kiddo, Amy, and the kids.”
Like everywhere else, aside from La Union, everyone has a story to tell. All you have to do is to reach out with an open heart.