- Enter only one case per line (sample: Orient Hope Agencies, Inc. v. Jara, June 6, 2018)
- Make sure there are no spaces after the last item
- The app will look for the case's SC decision link for you
- All PDFs are deleted from the server after five minutes
- Select a different API key if no results are given
- If all API keys are exhausted, come back tomorrow
- The code has no error catching, it will fail if you want it to

- Use only Google Chrome

- For Windows:
- Create folder at C root named "Chrome dev session"
- Press Windows + R
- Input "chrome.exe --user-data-dir="C://Chrome dev session" --disable-web-security"
- Press Enter

- For Mac:
- Create folder at /var/tmp/ named "Chrome dev session"
- Open Terminal
- Input "open /Applications/Google\ --args --user-data-dir="/var/tmp/Chrome dev session" --disable-web-security"
- Press Enter